Welcome to the website for the composer & activist, Chris Garrard. On this site you can find recordings, information about my work and my blog(s)… Thanks for visiting!

Recent and upcoming events…

November 2012 Panellist at discussion on Glaciology at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford.

Here, I will be commenting on my research into connections, primarily between music and glaciated landscapes, and more widely in the contemporary arts in general.

19th November 2012 The M@SH Marathon event at the Jacqueline du Pre Music Building.

This is the third annual marathon concert event happening at the M@SH Centre for Experimental Music that I have been involved in curating. It will feature a vibrant blend of new music and art over several hours.

June 2012 Delegate at the 6th World Youth Congress, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The World Youth Congress is a gathering of 300 young people from all over the world hosted by Peace Child International. The WYC is an opportunity to share ideas and approaches, and network with other young people working on issues relating to sustainable development.

19th May 2012 Presented a paper ‘Carving a Landscape with History: Silvestrov’s orchestral music as glacial process’ at the Hearing Landscape Critically Conference.

As part of my research on the music of the Ukrainian Composer, Valentyn Silvestrov, I have explored comparisons between the structure of his symphonies and the formation of glaciated landscapes. A transcript of this paper will be uploaded soon!